In 1983 Dayspring Center for Christian Studies opened its doors in the shadow of the University of Colorado. Its purpose was to bring Christian thought and perspectives to the life and academic pursuits of a major university community.  Since then, hundreds of students from CU and the surrounding community have taken courses in Christian studies that have been recognized and approved for transfer credit by the University of Colorado.  Hundreds more have lived in our student residential communities, and many more have participated in Study Center programs and events.

We have changed our name to The Center for Christian Study to reflect the fact that we are part of a growing number of Study Centers in the United States and abroad under the auspices of Centers for Christian Study International (CCSI).

The Center is a learning community strategically located next to the University of Colorado, Boulder. Our programs include undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff and local men and women who want to engage the mainstream academy and Christian perspectives in scholarship, and do it in the context of intentional community. Some participants are enrolled in a Center program; others are pursuing a degree from a local university; still others are involved as life-long learners. Some share life together in a residential community; many others are part of the Center’s larger relational network in the Boulder area. Some are involved in local advisory leadership for the Center, and others are adult mentors and host families for students.

Center activities and events feature formal academic coursework, lectures, conferences, concerts, recitals, drama and other artistic performances, movies, retreats, discussion groups, mentoring, service, and the many dimensions of life-in-community.

Core Values

Constructive Engagement

We are committed to rigorous and thoughtful interaction with the brightest and best minds within and outside the Christian tradition. We strive to model a positive and constructive engagement with culture in a diverse academic environment through our intentional location next to major research universities and our commitment to a mutually beneficial relationship with them

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Character and Influence

We are committed to helping students become certain kinds of people. Our goal is to help them become men and women of character and integrity, with habits and skills that will contribute to a life-long pattern of moral excellence, or what the ancient world referred to as virtue. We are committed to training a generation of men and women whose character, words and actions influence others in...

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Intentional Community

We are committed to providing a supportive environment for living and learning. Because learning in community is essential to our understanding of human flourishing and shaping people to be successful in their relationships, professions and service to the world, we are committed to the development of community in everything we do.

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Christian Tradition

Our commitments are strong, but not sectarian. We welcome a mutually enriching discussion between Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions. We embrace the breadth, depth, and diversity of the historic Christian faith as expressed, for instance, in the ecumenical creeds of the early church, the confessions of the Protestant Reformation, and the spirit of vitality and renewal in...

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“CCSI carries the battle for understanding of life and reality into the context where it is genuinely being fought — not just the campus, but the classroom. Their people stand up on matters of intellectual content and convey the knowledge that makes up the Christian tradition and competes today...”

Dallas Willard, Ph.D.
Late Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

“Most Christians only bemoan the crisis in the universities; CCSI is doing something about it at the point where the challenges are stiffest and the opportunities greatest. They deserve our enthusiastic support. They have mine.”

Dr. Os Guinness
Senior Fellow, The Trinity Forum

“I believe the single, most important type of college ministry needed today is one like CCSI. CCSI combines a faithful commitment to evangelical Christian doctrine with a passion for spiritual life and a deep commitment to the intellectual life. I am thankful to God and to CCSI’s leadership for...”

J.P. Moreland, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology